4 Year Pre-K/Kindergarten

For our youngest artists, this class gives students the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of art activities. Throughout the year, students experiment with a broad range of art materials: drawing, painting, clay, fibers, printmaking, collage, and more. Through these activities, students are introduced to beginning art concepts, instructed on ways to use artist’s tools, and given direction to develop art skills in creative ways.


Each week a discussion and demonstration is given prior to the class activity. Each student is encouraged to interpret the hands-on activities in an individual way with plenty of guidance when needed. 


Time is made for guided drawing or free-choice drawing. Students are asked to bring a sketchbook to class each week. All other supplies are provided. 


Aspiring Young Artists may be repeated as the activities always change.


Grades: K-3, 1-4, 3-5

Drawing, painting, clay, printmaking, and more! Students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of new art experiences while having fun along the way!


Motivating class discussions and demonstrations start the classes off with idea gathering. Students are encouraged to make choices and interpret the hands-on experiences individually with guidance as needed. Skills, techniques, and concepts are incorporated into the lessons and increase in difficulty with the grade level.   


Time is allotted for observational drawing. Students are asked to bring a sketchbook to class each week. All other supplies are provided.

After School Art may be repeated as the activities always change.


Grades 2-5

Day off of school? Perfect day for painting! Bring along a picture of your pet, your favorite animal, or choose a picture from the art room collection! Have fun drawing and painting an animal portrait to take home! 


After a demonstration to get you started, you will draw and paint your animal on canvas using shading and textures to make it look like fur, feathers, or scales. Individual guidance will be given as needed. 


All supplies are provided.


GRADES 1-3, 2-5

Join us for a fun art class during Spring Break week! Have fun painting while learning brush techniques and drawing skills. All supplies provided for these acrylic on canvas painting classes.